In the beautiful Aura-Soma Land, Shire Farm, we celebrated the Day Out of Time. This is a special day for the ones who follow the Maya culture: on this special day we can align ourselves to bring healing and light to the whole world, connected with the center of the Galaxy “Hunab Ku”. So we can be part of the same project of Love and Sharing.

During the workshop “The Galactic Tree of Life”, presented by Mike Booth and Avani Paola Sani in Dev-Aura – the house of Light Aura-Soma, we worked deeply to recognize our galactic identity and to find our right place into the Galactic Tree of Life.

The Galactic Tree of Life, is a map with a great energy on which the galactic families are placed in precise positions, areas that are also galactic portals. So we did experience our personal potential and we looked for how much value we can bring each others by collaborating in harmony and by creating beauty all around us. An harmony inspired by the harmonics of the Synchronic that invite us to flow in a easier way and in a closer connection with nature.

On the July 25th, thanks to rites and activations that took place along several strong energetic places, an opening of the heart was emphasized,

We started the day on the 4th chakra of the Land, by reading the oracle of the Day out of Time. So we synchronized with the Kin113, Red Solar Sky Walker, and we received a deep understanding of the importance of activating ourselves, with harmony, in the service and in the healing. The Heart Chakra of the Land is a place with strong energies: there is a lake heart shaped, beautiful crystals – as a big Rose Quartz Sphere and a big black Obsidian egg – and a waterfall informed by Equilibrium bottles and Tarots. All this creates a magic place, where transformations begin to be real. And so we prepared  to let go the past.

Close to the Shiva Lingam, we proceed to letting go the past and everything we don’t want no longer with us within the New Year, with the ritual of the fire. So that a new alchemical process has begun, activated in the Heart Chakra of the Land. Afterwards, we shared an informed water that during the two previous days was placed on the Galactic Tree of Life, on “Hunab Ku” – the center of the Galaxy, the heart of the Galactic Tree of Life. Thanks to this water, we activated our galactic archetype that means to start to really live our natural talent.

After we went to the Second Chakra of the Land, where a large Corniola stone pillar is positioned in its center. It gives energy to the Second Chakra, a feminine energy, an emotional energy that enables to get in empathy with the whole.

Here, we celebrated the Womb Blessing, following  the method of Miranda Gray. It was a great honor to me to lead this blessing, supported by the energy of Archangel Azreal – Equilibrium bottle 105 coral/ coral iridescent – a symbol of cooperation and of the awakening of the divine feminine.

Everybody blew into the vessel with the rest of the informed water. Each blows was accompanied by an intention for the new year which opened on 26th July. This moment was a communion among all members of the group, with the Mother Earth, with the moon and all the souls around the world who were celebrating the Day out of Time. At the end of the ceremony, we danced a dance dedicated to the Goddess. Then, Mike offered the water informed with our intentions, to the stones of the Second Chakra, to give even more energy to our future proposals.

Then we moved to Netzach, another new place on the Land, where Lilith Francesca Miceli and Kerstine Schipper guided us through a ritual with fire and roses, to give energy to this Sephirah, linked to Venus and Lucifer. So the celebration provided us an opportunity to bring light into the shadows and a strong openness to a new Knowledge. It has been a beautiful moment. With us, Roses of various shades and perfumes – as a symbol of alchemy, of the female power – linked to Venus, the Goddess of beauty, a symbol of healing between the male and female parts. Also, Lilith danced the story of Lucifer … It has been a really touching moment. With her grace, Lilith, has perfectly enacted the complex role of Lucifer which means to emerge from shadows by connecting ourselves with the Superior Source, to become carriers of light and to serve our own higher self. Really a great prospect for the New synchronic Year, started on the 26th July.

Meanwhile, in Rome, in our space “Chalice Well”, the celebration of the Day out of Time took place with, as well, the Womb Blessing. The celebration was led by Veronica Morosi. She was really a very good channel of love and sisterhood in this special day. For me it was so nice to feel this bond between the Land and Rome. I will carry this memory in my heart forever, two places so meaningful to me, two places so special into my heart. Everyone in the “Chalice Well Rome” have contributed to send love to the Planet Earth and everyone has been an active part for the change and the awaken.

Everyone has felt the importance of the union as a Whole and the urgency to let go pains that belong to the past, to support this Union in becoming something real.

All this has been a blessing for all of us and for the collective.

Grate of having been part of this, together with special souls.